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The department has started its journey from 1947 as department of Political Science, Rishi Bankim Chandra College (Evening section) and continued up to 1984. It was then under the affiliation of University of Calcutta. After 1984 it assumes its position as department of Political Science, Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening College, under the affiliation of University of Calcutta. 2008 onward this department comes under the affiliation of West Bengal State University. The department has introduced Political Science Honours subject in 2018 and continuing its journey towards excellence till date.

Course Details :

UG CBCS Six Semester Honours Course (WBSU)

UG CBCS Six Semester General Degree Course (WBSU)

Scope for Future :

Political Science is a multidisciplinary domain of study which studies the effects of politics and governments on the lives of common people on a macro level. Political science is a career option which is highly sought after by people with diverse goals. These may pertain to students who wish to apply for civil services exams, public policy as well as prospective politicians. Political Science deeply relates to the socio-political structures of various countries in the world, thus equipping them with all the necessary information to develop critical and analytical thinking skills. 

Here are some of the major career prospects of Political Science:

1) Public Relations Specialist.

2) Civil Services (Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services).


4)   Election and Campaign Manager.

5 Political content developer.

6)   Teacher/ Professor

7)   NGO.

8)  Lawyer

9 Legislative Assistant.

10Human Rights Activists.

11) Legal Adviser to Political Parties.

12) Various Govt Job.


Teachers' Profile

Prof. Jayita Pal

Head, Assistant Professor

M. A.

Prof. Srimanta Ghosh


M. A., M. Phil.


SL No. Subject Download
1 Political Science Honours syllabus
2 Political Science General syllabus

Previous Years' Question

SL No. Subject Download
1 PLS Honours 1st Semester CC1 2021
2 PLS Honours 1st Semester CC2 2021
3 PLS Honours 2nd Semester CC3 2021
4 PLS Honours 2nd Semester CC4 2021
5 PLS Honours 3rd Semester CC5 2021
6 PLS Honours 3rd Semester CC6 2021
7 PLS Honours 3rd Semester CC7 2021