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The department has started its journey from 1947 as department of Philosophy, Rishi Bankim Chandra College (Evening section) and continued up to 1984. It was then under the affiliation of University of Calcutta. After 1984 it assumes its position as department of Philosophy, Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening College, under the affiliation of University of Calcutta. 2008 onward this department comes under the affiliation of West Bengal State University. The department has introduced Philosophy Honours subject in 2018 and continuing its journey towards excellence till date.

Course Details :

U.G. CBCS Six Semester Honours Course (WBSU)

U.G. CBCS Six Semester General Degree Course (WBSU)

Our Objective :


The B.A (Programme) in Philosophy starts with an introduction to the major branches of Philosophy - Meta physics, Epistemology, Ethics, Logic Socio-political Philosophy and Psychology and introduces the major issues dealt with in these branches. As the programme progresses, the student is engaged with the more specific content. In addition, the B.Aprogramme offers skill courses like Logic and Yoga so as to make the student understand and develop their mind and body to full potential for a harmonious development of their being. Further, the B.A programme also offers Generic Electives to students from non Philosophy back ground so as to make them inculcate a philosophical bent of mind which is going to help them study. Philosophical education is also teaching students the skills they need to develop, establish, reconstruct, and evaluate arguments in any field.

The objective of the course is to help student arrive at a rational conception of reality as a whole.

•   To inculcate ethical and moral values in the students.
•    To involve student in research work.

• To provide basic knowledge regarding philosophical theories and concepts including logical reasoning skills, so that they can confidently appear in SSC, NET, SET and other competitive examinations.

Career Opportunities for Philosophy Graduate :


Most of the focus of opting for a programme is influenced by the potential career opportunities which it might open up in the near future. 

Here are some career opportunities that a philosophy graduate has after he has completed his study :-

• Can generate Ideas on a variety of problems and formulate and solve problems. 
• Can think of working in quite a number of avenues, both in India and abroad. 
• HR
• Interviewer
• Consultant
• Management consultant
• Student affairs
• NGO, Social worker
• Teacher
• Public service
• Journalism
• Research
• Diplomacy
• Lawyer
• One can look for a job in many sectors(Govt./Pvt).


Teachers' Profile

Prof. Piyali Das

Head, Assistant Professor

M. A.

Prof. Sulakshana Saha Chakraborty


M. A.


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