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It is one of the oldest departments of the college that came into existence after the trifurcation of the erstwhile RBC College in 1984. Being a subject of language and literature it touches all the disciplines of study at UG level including Arts, Science and Commerce, and hence the department has the greatest number of students in the institution.

History of the Department

The department started its journey right from the inception of the undivided RBC College. Before the trifurcation, it existed in the Evening section of RBC College, and after the trifurcation in 1984 it continued its journey. Honours course was introduced in the year 2001, and thereafter many a batch of successful candidates graduated from this Department.

Teachers who served this college since the time of inception were Prof. Ranjit Kumar Ganguly, Prof. Pradyumna Bhattacharya and Prof. Pradyot Kumar Biswas all of whom have retired by now. 

The department organised quite a number of educational seminars over the last two decades. Among the renowned visitors to the department we may name Dr. Sinjini Bandyopadhyay (CU), Dr Saurabh Bhattacharya (CSS College), Dr. Sipra Mukherjee (WBSU), Dr. SubhbratSarkar (RBC College) and Dr. Indrajit Bose (GN Institute of Technology)

The department has been publishing an annual journal ‘Footsteps’ to endorse the creativity of the students and faculties. A few years ago, departmental students made an excursion to Santiniketan.

Courses/subjects Taught at UG level in CBCS

1. English Honours 
2. English General
3. Compulsory English (LCC)
4. Alternative English (alternative to MIL)
5. SEC English 

6. English Communication

From the Desk of HOD

Prof. Chandranath Adhikari, HOD.

The CBCS system was introduced in our Department in the year 2018-19. The department held meetings with guardians to collect their feedback on syllabus, teaching-learning and over-all improvement of the institution. Departmental academic calendar is regularly published to inform the students about the syllabus and the assignments of faculties. Department frequently organises cultural programs to encourage students’ proficiency in this field. Despite our shortcomings of being an evening college, the faculties put up their best endeavour to help the students achieve their goals.


Teachers' Profile

Prof. Chandranath Adhikari

Associate professor and Head of the Department

M.A., M.Phil

Dr. Debasish Sengupta

Part time faculty

M.A., Ph.D

Prof. Durba Raychaudhuri


M.A., M.Phil

Prof. Anindya Chakraborty


M. A.


SL No. Subject Download
1 English Honours CBCS syllabus
2 English General CBCS Syllabus
3 English Honours Syllabus 4 Year PG Programme

Previous Years' Question

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1 English Honours 1st Semester CC1 2021
2 English Honours 1st Semester CC2 2021


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1 Routine
2 SEC Exam For 4th And 6th Semester

Academic Calender

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1 English Department Academic calendar Semester 1
2 English Department Academic Calendar(Residual Part)
3 Academic Calendar for English Honours Course 3rd Semester
4 Academic Calendar for English General subjects

Course Outcome

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1 B.A. with English as a General subject
2 Program Specific Outcomes

Programme Specific Outcome

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Departmental Activities

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