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Department of Education

“Nothing Can Be Taught, Everything Is To Be Learnt”

The Department of Education was initiated in 2017 by the Honorable Principal , Rishi Bankim Chandra Evening College. At present only Undergraduate Course (General) is offered following the structure of West Bengal State University's curriculum based on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). The department provides the infrastructural facilities such as Library, separate classrooms and the teachers practice innovative teaching like peer teaching, brainstorming etc. There are two well qualified faculties in the department. Students are always encouraged and motivated for interaction with teachers. The classroom promotes discussions and debates in social and educational issues with a view to inculcating creative and critical thinking, thereby making the students independent and responsible citizens of the society.


Teachers' Profile

Prof. Anjan Karak

Head, SACT

M. A.

Prof. Chinmay Ghosh

Guest Lecturer

M. A.


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1 Education General 1st Semester 2021
2 Education General 2nd Semester 2021
3 Education General 3rd Semester 2021
4 Education General 5th Semester 2021
5 Education General 1st Semester 2020